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Meet the characters from Connections. You'll get to meet more over time.

The first story – Connections

Read about the first story in this series - Connections

Tales of the Stone Monkey – About the Series

Learn about the background to the Stone Monkey series of stories

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About the Series

Learn about the Tales of the Stone Monkey series.

About Connections

Learn about Connections, the first story in the series

About the Characters

Learn about the characters in Tales of the Stone Monkey

About the Author

Learn about Jim, author of Tales of the Stone Monkey

What People Say

Welcome to the exciting world of the Stone Monkeys!

It's all busy at Stone Monkey Towers right now. The book text and cover art for "Tales of the Stone Monkey - Connections", the first in the series, is

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Tales of the Stone MonkeyConfidence, Connected, Creative

We live in an OCEAN of MOTION
Everything is always moving, even when it looks stationary
Think good thoughts to make good things happen
It's NICE, to be NICE!
Doing good, being good, makes you and others feel good!
Give thanks every day for everything you have

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About Tales of the Stone Monkey

Stories of humour, insight and courage to help children (and parents) develop higher self-esteem, understand the interconnectedness of life and realise the importance of visualising an outcome, and then thinking in the right way, to achieve the desired results.

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