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Gemma (Gemgem)


Gemma, or Gemgem as she is known to family and friends is 10 years old.


She has medium brown, shoulder-length hair, which tends to hang forward and frame her round face. She has bright blue eyes, and a slim elegant frame.


Gemma is smart, funny, helpful and tidy.


The things she loves most in life are her school friends, her little sister Emma, their pet dog Winnie, ballet, reading and the colour purple.



Emma (Emm)


Emma, Emm to family and friends is 8 years old.


Emma shares the same bright blue eyes as her older sister, although set in rounder face, framed by slightly shorter medium brown hair, with blonde glints. She is shorter and slightly stockier than her sister’s ballet dancer build.


Emma too is smart, helpful, funny, although quite a bit untidier than her older sister.


Emma adores her big sister. She also loves her school friends, Winnie, the colour pink and drawing.



Winnie_HeadWinston (Winnie) is the girl’s small, fearless, and feisty guardian.


Despite his age (he’s 12 now) and not being in the best of health he can still keep up well with his “human pups.”


His favourite things to do are sleeping, long walks, eating, and barking, at pretty much anything and everything that goes past his home.




MangoMango is just over half a metre high, with soft yellowish-brown fur, and two bright brown eyes, which twinkle out of his dark pink face. He is a macaque, also known as a Barbary ape.


Mango is incredibly polite, wise, kind, and considerate. He has the magic ability of being able to turn from stone into flesh and blood.


Gemma first notices Mango moving while they are out walking Winnie.


He uses his wisdom, patience, and encouragement to help the girls learn important lessons about the world, to do the seemingly impossible and become the best they can be.


Mango uses his speed, strength and agility to help the girls overcome all manner of dangers, from running along rooftops to avoiding angry people.






Magenta is Mango’s mate. She is slightly smaller than Mango, with the same soft yellowish brown fur.


She is incredibly kind, supportive and considerate.


Her soft, encouraging nature, gives the girls huge confidence and support and enables them to achieve things they would never had considered possible.


Magenta too, is a stone monkey.





StrixStrix is a tawny owl. He is about the same size as a pigeon. He is overall a soft reddish brown colour, streaked with lighter brown, black and white feathers. His breast is light brown, with a broad, round head, with a prominent circular face and deeply set dark eyes. He is a creature of great beauty.


Emma comments that he looks like Old Brown, from the Peter Rabbit stories. He takes this with good humour.


Strix is just one of many friends the girls will meet in their adventures. The new friends bring a special skill, service or ability.


Mango calls Strix to help them see more clearly in the darkness. A task Strix is more than happy to oblige them with.

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