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Jim Craig is the father of four beautiful children, two boys (twenty-nine and twenty-six) and two girls (six and four).


A serial worrier about how his own perceived failings of not being the best dad are compounded by the challe
nges modern day life brings, to both children and parents/carers, Jim identified three key areas that are not taught in mainstream education and are evident in the most successful people.


Based on over twenty years of research, trial and error (sorry kids!) Jim has created the Stone Monkey stories as a means to convey the three fundamental principles of high self-esteem, interconnectedness and thinking to achieve desired results, in an exciting and engaging style.


Despite a background in information technology, sustainability and marketing, Jim has always been fascinated by people’s personal programming, what happens between their ears. These deep-rooted programmes govern the way people think and respond in given situations, often resulting in a less than desired outcome.


When not worrying or writing about how to be a better dad, Jim spends his time with Izzy and Connie his two beautiful daughters and their mum (his equally beautiful wife) Roz in Byfleet, Surrey, England. Jim enjoys walking Winnie (yes, him!) and bike riding in the local park, reading stories, making up stories, poems and rhymes, laughing a lot, gardening, watching his beloved Liverpool sometimes play good football (and practising his muted Anglo Saxon when they don’t).


He gets to talk to the “lovely old men” Tom and Adam once a week. Jim holds a BSc in being a bit messy and a Masters in often not completing things.


This is how Izzy my (at the time) 5 year old see’s me.

jc by Izzy

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About Tales of the Stone Monkey

Stories of humour, insight and courage to help children (and parents) develop higher self-esteem, understand the interconnectedness of life and realise the importance of visualising an outcome, and then thinking in the right way, to achieve the desired results.

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